PSV – snow plow folded

PSV – snow plow folded
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PSV series mid-range snow ploughs with a permissible frontal load – up to 6 tonnes are designed to work with agricultural tractors, and thanks to the use of an adapter also for other mobile machines, e.g. telescopic loaders, backhoe loaders, etc. They are used for clearing snow from parking lots, roads, squares and all other hardened and unpaved surfaces.

the ploughs often come into contact with solid obstacles hidden under the snow surface, which is why they are equipped with a number of protections, such as the blade tilting mechanism.

Distinguishing features
  • permissible front load 6 tons
  • free setting of working positions within the range of ± 30 °, separately for each blade
  • terrain transverse copying ± 6 °
  • innovative, easily replaceable frame adapters designed for a wide range of applications, which also partially protect against damage to the plows. The user can adjust this by using different screw classes, e.g. 5.8, 8.8, 10.9

Frame system

The plows can be coupled with virtually any type of vehicle. The patented frame system allows you to change the abutment quickly by removing only 8 screws. It is possible to couple with many municipal MULTICAR type vehicles, construction machines e.g. Big Avant, Kramer, Weidemann, JCB, Manitou.