MRG 2-900 hay merger

MRG 2-900 hay merger is a professional machine designed for custom operators and larg-scale farms. Cam-shaped collection technology ensures the cleanest and most efficient collection of material. 



Economy of mowing together with high efficiency is the best description of GigaCUT sets. They are designed to work on large farms in the toughest conditions possible.



Mamut 860TWIN double-sided flail mower belongs to the super heavy-duty class which means it is made of top-quality materials and can handle even the most demanding work conditions.


Over 40 years of delivering solutions tailored to your needs.


New plant and company's headquarters.

Our new factory in numbers:

1000 new job positions.
32 acres area for development.
8 acres area of production and office halls.

SaMASZ with Guinness World Record!

We set the Guiness World Record "The largest area of grass mowed by a triple-disc mower in 8 hours" - 237 acres.