JUMP – heavy class plows

JUMP – heavy class plows
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The snow plows can be fitted to tractors with a power of 80-160 hp, as well as to loaders and urban cleaning vehicles. Thanks to its modern and strong construction, this plow effectively clears roads, sidewalks, car parks, and squares.

The unique mouldboard mechanism allows easy overcoming of obstacles while maintaining a large rake angle of the three segmented blades (from 35 °). It is made of plastic, which makes it easy to move the snow, it is corrosion-resistant and has a turning angle of 45 ° to the right and left. The transverse copying on the frame within the ±5 ° range and the floating function (approx. 40mm) enable the plow to be perfectly matched to the terrain.

The JUMP is equipped with a spring-tilted blade, snap-off bolt on the frame and pressure relief on the actuator that effectively protect the structure from overloads.

As an option, support wheels and sliding skids can be fitted to further reduce ground pressure, thus extending the service life of the unit. The side bumpers also protect the vehicle body against accidental damage. What is important, the plow does not require lubrication due to the use of sliding sleeves on the joints.