SAHARA – self-loading spreader

SAHARA – self-loading spreader
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The Sahara self-loading spreader is designed to spread sand or salt on sidewalks, streets, parking lots, esates, factory grounds, as well as to spread the aggregate (grit) during construction and repair of roads and liming of acidified lawns and playgrounds. Thanks to the applied method, the Sahara does not damage the passing cars, does not pose any threat to passers-by and does not cause damage to lawns in the event of salt spillage.

The spreader is also equipped with the spreading intensity adjustment system by changing the rotation of the dosing roller and by pressing the rear cover against the dosing roller. As standard, the Sahara is coupled with the tractor on a Category II three-point linkage (Category II three-point suspension system) or, on customer’s request, it can be equipped with any type of linkage. the spreader is driven by the vehicle’s hydraulic system.


• precise spreading thanks to the gravitational dosing system

• no danger to cars or pedestrians during operation

• double adjustment of the spreading intensity: engined knob and rear cover lever

• quick emptying possible

• self-loading system that does not require the operator to get off the tractor