UNI – light plow

UNI – light plow
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UNI snow plow is a single moldboard plow, designed to operate with small tractors of 20-60 HP, skid-steer loaders or municipal utility vehicles like the Multicar. It is destined to clear roads, sidewalks, parking lots or tight residential driveways as well as side roads or intersections.

  • adjustable approach angle ( from 0° up to 21° every 7° ) - aggressive attack angle allows for superior back-dragging performance,
  • 32°, left/right moldboard turn angle,
  • ground following system (only with SaMASZ frame),
  • moldboard's shape allows to operate near walls or barriers,
  • light-weight design,
  • double overload protection: full-trip, folded moldboard and shear bolts in the SaMASZ frame assembly
  • adaptation with any vehicle possible (adaptation frames - City plow range),
  • support wheels and sliding skids as an option,
  • greasing is not required - dry sliding bearing