PSV UP – with lifting system

PSV UP – with lifting system
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Main advantages
  • they are compatible with all common trucks or tractors equipped with a front panel conforming to PN-EN 15432, type F1 (DIN 76060, type A)
  • they are equipped with a suspension system with an additional plow lifting actuator
  • PSV Up – means that the plow does not have its own control hydraulics – the car must be fitted with its own hydraulics
  • PSV Up H – letter H means that the plow has its own hydraulic system – it is independent from the vehicle’s hydraulic system
  • spring-tilted scraper strips in the lower part of the storage allow you to cushion the impact on the obstacle and slide over it
  • equipped with its own hydraulic system for precise and independent maneuvering of mouldboards

Frame system

The plow can be coupled with virtually any type of vehicle. The patented frame system allows you to change the abutment quickly by removing only 8 screws. It is possible to couple with many municipal MULTICAR type vehicles, construction machines e.g. Big Avant, Kramer, Weidemann, JCB, Manitou.