POLI – snow plow with a polyethylene moldboard

POLI – snow plow with a polyethylene moldboard
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POLI snow plows are equipped with moldboard made of thick polyethylene, and are designed to work in the toughest conditions where heavy winters and a lot of snow occur. Recommended for effective snow control of the streets and highways. Total weight of the plow and the friction factor have been decreased considerably. Polyethylene – the moldboard’s material, ensures the plow to be rustproof.

The POLI H series is equipped with its own hydraulic system, which allows precise and independent maneuvering of the mouldboards in trucks without an integrated hydraulic system.

The control system of the machine is extremely simple and easy to operate. The plow can be mounted on any truck equipped with a F1 type front panel PN-EN 15432 (DIN 76060, type A).

The shape of the moldboard is specially designed to remove wet snow and also prevents the imposition of snow dust on the windscreen of the car. The vibration of the plow mouldboard is perfectly dampened by the stable yet flexible frame. Despite its light weight, it has the high power transfer capability needed to effectively remove wet, heavy snow.