MIDO – middle class

MIDO – middle class
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  • high durability owing to use of high-grade steel
  • gearbox with integrated clutch
  • change of rpm from 540 to 1000 possible with pulleys
  • floating function
  • modular design
  • 2 types of headstocks available:
    1. as standard - one sided, fixed, reversible front / rear
    2. as option 2 headstocks to choose from:
      • one-sided, reversible front / rear, manually or hydraulically shifted
      • two-sided, manually or hydraulically shifted
  • slim shape of belt drive reduces plant damage
  • sliding skids profiled to operate in narrow lines
Ground following bar
  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • no pressing of cut material
Flail shaft
  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material, faster drying and decomposition
  • less drives - time savings
  • lower load of machine and tractor