Single rotor rakes UNO-trailed

Trailed 1-rotor rakes UNO 410 and UNO 470 are very efficient, especially designed for raking grass, hay or straw. Owing to low power consumption are very economical and also resistant to difficult working conditions.

Single rotor rakes UNO-trailed
Swipe left / right
Clean fodder and turf protection
  • tine-arm shape with its layout at the rotor has a great impact on windrow forming
  • precise material pick-up thanks to the shape and profile of the tines
  • tandem chassis ensures good ground following
  • anti-loss tine protection
  • low-weight design - lower ground pressure
Operator friendly use
  • grease operating (UNO-470) and oil operating gearboxes ensure low-noise and stable
  • tine arm transport latch
  • hydro-mechanical working height adjustment system
  • convenient transport thanks to foldaway guards
  • high level of ground following
  • operation with tractors of lower weight
  • transport at own wheels
Servicing and spare parts
  • reduced operating costs
  • most of maintenance works can be done on operator’s own
Proven design
  • over 10 years of experience in rotary rakes manufacturing
  • 2 year warranty
  • gearboxes of proven supplier