Basket rake TWIST

TWIST 600 is a center delivery rake designed for a fast, efficient and clean raking of forage. It can be mounted to the front or rear of the tractor. With front mounting, you can simultaneously rake and work, e.g. with a baler.

Basket rake TWIST
Swipe left / right
Clean fodder and turf protection
  • cleaner fodder by 75% thanks to tine bar raking
  • precise and clean material pick-up thanks to specially profiled raking tines
  • design of tine bars prevents stones from getting into the formed windrow
Customer friendly use
  • simultaneous work with forage machines (self-collecting trailers, balers)
  • mounted at tractor front or rear
  • no need of PTO shaft
  • KENNFIXX hydraulic connector
  • convenient transport of the machine
  • mechanical transport latch
  • machine setting and adjustment is done from tractor cabin
  • machine design enables work at one side only
  • low weight in comparison to working width