Rear 2-drum mowers

Drum mowers SaMASZ 1.65 m to 2.10 m have solid design and are very durable. Tough, resistant gearbox is the most essential part of our mowers.

Rear 2-drum mowers
Swipe left / right
Clean fodder and turf protection
  • low ground pressure together with large surface of contact facilitates mowing wet fields as well as leaning and overgrown grass
  • excellent ground following on uneven fields
  • optimal, factory set cutting height (5,8 cm / 2’’), significantly lowers fodder contamination and soil disturbance
Operator friendly use
  • simple design
  • convenient transport of the machine on the side or behind the tractor
    (safety breakaway release)
  • attachment to smaller tractors (even from 20 HP) possible (see table)
Servicing and spare parts
  • low operating costs
  • most maintenance works can be done on operator’s own
Proven design
  • 37 years of experience in drum mower manufacturing
  • 2-year warranty
  • conforms to European norms of most agricurtural institutes
Farmers’ trust
  • more than 50 000 drum mowers working all over the world