Electrophoretic cathode metal coating (E-COAT) - the way for a long surface life

Cataphoretic painting is used to cover elements that require coatings with significant corrosion resistance. Painting components of
SaMASZ machines is carried out on a fully automated line with a total length of 900 m. Each stage of the process is constantly monitored
and recorded, which ensures the repeatibility of the process as well as the highest quality of the coating obtained.

The technology is always individually tailored to the characteristics of the component and meets restrictive standards. Zinc phosphate
surface preparation and E-COAT painting allow even the most complicated shapes with hard to reach component slots to be covered.
Such coating guarantees the highest anti-corrosion resistance,
which is more than 3 times higher than in the case of the standard iron phosphating. This is extremely important, as it allows for a perfect
surface finish.

A well-equipped laboratory helps to monitor process parameters and coating quality, which translates into high resistance to weather
conditions, corrosion, chemical and mechanical protection and esthetic appearance.

• high quality of the coating
• covering complex shapes
• precise control of the coating thickness
• corrosion protection
• chemical protection
• mechanical protection